Ned & Tess

When I had heard about what Ned & Tess had planned for their wedding, it was something I was eager to be a part of. There wasn’t much on the programme, they just really wanted to get married and have a good time with those they care most about.

When I arrived at the olive grove in Hepburn, everything was even better than what I had imagined. Ned’s pie truck was set up at the very end as a bar, right next to a log shed. In the middle of everything was a dance floor that they had made themselves, while a huge marquee was set up as the dining area. A vintage Land Rover Defender was parked beside the marquee, while a naked tipi welcomed guests with warm blankets to offer.

The hill covered in olive tress made for the perfect backdrop for the ceremony, and after they sealed the deal, what followed was one of the most relaxing weddings I had the privilege to shoot. Ned & Tess pretty much let me do my own thing, and that gave me the opportunity to get to know some of the guests there that day, which actually helped me take better pictures. Shooting as a “spectator” is always different to shooting as a “guest”, putting everything in context, and helping me tell a story better.

When my job was done, I drove away from the celebration, while everyone were still dancing the night away. They had set up tents on top of the hill to spend the night, with candle lights guiding guests up to the camp site. I stopped the car and couldn’t resist taking one last picture of the candle-lit path under the stars.. My only regret was not taking a bottle of olive oil home with me.