With the start of the new decade, I thought it would be the perfect time to actually get this blog going. Many of you might not know, but this photography business was actually, in a way, birthed from a blog – one that I had started when I was moving to Melbourne, circa 2007.


I had always been interested in taking photographs, but it really got a kickstart when I bought my first point-and-shoot camera with the money I had saved up as a 16 year old kid. It was a Konica Minolta camera, and fitted well in the pockets of my baggy jeans, which meant I brought it everywhere I went. 

Fast forward to finishing vet school, while I was looking for jobs as a vet, I decided to get into things that I always had deep interests for, like coffee and photography. Juggling between being a barista as well as a photographer, I realised I was really enjoying those crafts, and stopped looking for vet jobs a year after graduating. 



So here we are, at a little nook of the World Wide Web, where I’m hoping to give the photographs I make more context. Yes, as I grow older I’ve become more obsessed with context, with stories behind the images. 

While we’re on the topic of context, I guess it would be a suitable time to explain the name of my business – Two Front Teeth. Far too often I’ve contemplated changing the name to a more “wedding friendly” moniker, but always end up not doing so. Why Two Front Teeth? The blog did start out already with that name, and made its transition into a wedding photography business. Growing up, I had always been insecure about a few things, my large ears, my buck teeth, just to name a few. I once heard a podcast where this comedian, Ron Funches, said “often times what you’re being bullied for when you’re growing up ends up being the thing that sets you apart later in life.” It made so much sense. I guess a part of it was also that I was always making fun of myself first so that one would lose the satisfaction of bringing it up any further.

So yes, just a very brief introduction of what’s to come. I’m very excited about making time to write again, and a blog is a far better medium to showcase a body of work, compared to Instagram. Happy new year to all who are reading this, and I hope in one way or another that this blog will inspire.